Kindergarten through 8th Grade Christian Education


 Outdoor Education



This page is dedicated to the Outdoor Education Plan that has been implemented at PVJA.
It is our goal to use PVJA to educate our students, church, student families, and our community about the awesomeness of God's creation.


  BULB GARDEN - Last spring we won a grant for 202 premium Dutch Garden Bulbs.   BUTTERFLY GARDEN - Last spring the K-2 classroom worked with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife to create a garden using native plants to attract butterflies.    
    KENTUCKY BLUEBIRD TRAIL - We had a generous donor purchase a bluebird house with a camera mounted inside. This camera gives clear continuous feedback directly into the classroom. Students are able to see the life stages as the birds mature and grow.      

These are things we are currently working on:
Tree Identification Trail - This is a walking trail that will highlight and identifiy native species to the state of Kentucky.
Cherokee Council House - This is a seven-sided council-style house to be used as an outdoor classroom. Click HERE for the progress of this.
Ozone Garden - We are working with the Kentucky Division of Air Quality to plant species of plants that display in their leaves and flowers if the ozone levels are high.
Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat - This is the creation of a habitat that encourages a variety of animal, bird, and insect species.

These are things that are in the planning stages:
Bird Blind - This is a special area that will create a variety of habitats that attract birds.
Archery Program - Archery is a non-competitive sport that encourages students to challenge themselves.
Nature Nights - This will be a community project that teaches about nature with a Christian thread woven in.