Our Pewee Valley Church’s website now has the ability to make use of RSS Feeds and podcasting.  This help file describes how we can make use of this new technology.  There are two terms which are almost the same: podcast and RSS feed.  An RSS feed, is just a written article that is sent to your computer.  The written article could be almost anything such as a news article or a blog.  A podcast is an RSS feed with an attachment.  The attachment, also called an enclosure, is a file sent to your computer with the article.  The file could be an audio file, like a sermon, or could even be a PDF file (like a bulletin or newsletter) or it could be a video file.

Podcasting has become quite poplar, as you will understand, in just a bit.  A podcast (derived from the words iPod and broadcast), on our website, is a broadcast of each week’s sermons.  Our website also has available the bulletins, and the newsletters for podcasting.
A podcast, on other websites, can be a weekly news article, it can be someone’s blog, or it can be a weekly video.  The traditional way to obtain one of these broadcasts is to go to the website, navigate to the proper page, then download the broadcast.

If you want to download a broadcast that is podcastable, you would start by clicking on the podcast icon, usually an orange and white arc.  This orange and white icon is located in the middle of the Sermons page, but there is also one at the top of most modern browsers. Then you would subscribe to the podcast.  Once you subscribe, if you have appropriate “podcatching” software, the broadcast (or sermon) is sent to you automatically.  You don’t even need to go to the website.  This is the reason that podcasting has become quite popular.  Once you have mastered the technology of podcasting, you can subscribe to several of your favorite ones, from several websites, and have them automatically downloaded to your computer.  Then you can read, listen to, or watch each one on your own schedule.  Podcasting was originally made for iPods, but one can read or listen to podcasts on any MP3 player, some cell phones, and on your own computer.

There are several podcatching software titles, most of them are freeware downloads.  Of the ones I have tried, the ones I recommend are Feed Reader, CITA RSS Aggregator, Attensa, Juice,  Doppler, Sharp Reader, and if you have a Mac, iTunes.  ITunes is not limited to a Macintosh, but will also work on a PC.  Internet Explorer version 7 and version 8 also has this ability and is called “Feeds” and is located next to “Favorites”.  You can also do a Google search for “podcatching software” or “RSS Feed” or “RSS Aggregator” to find more software titles or further help with this whole subject. I personally use Feed Reader.


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