Pewee Valley Apocalypse Now Seminar
April 2, 2010 thru April 30, 2010
  Listed below are the topics covered each session. To download, just right click on the "MP3" for each topic, then select "Save Target As" and then save to your computer's hard drive.

Topic Number - Date
1-April 2, 2010 Strange Man of Mud and Metal Paul Rau


2-April 2, 2010 Sleeping Through the Sirens Bonnie Riebel MP3
3-April 3, 2010 Why So Much Suffering Lisa Hughes MP3
4-April 3, 2010 Move Your Hand Renee Otts MP3
5-April 9, 2010 It All Adds Up Andy Powell MP3
6-April 9, 2010 Your Day in Court Jeanette Rau MP3
7-April 10, 2010 Whatever Happened to Right and Wrong Marcus Hassan MP3
8-April 10, 2010 Memory Lapse and Monkey Business Jeff Otts MP3
9-April 10, 2010 Mister One Day Late Lisa Hughes MP3
10-April 16, 2010 How to Prosper in Health Bonnie Riebel MP3
11-April 16, 2010 How to Start Life Over Andy Powell MP3
12-April 17, 2010 Where Do We Go When We Die Marcus Hassan MP3
13-April 17, 2010 A Thousand Years in Jail Jeff Otts MP3
14-April 17, 2010 Who Framed God Renee Otts MP3
15-April 23, 2010 The Mark of the Beast Paul Rau MP3
16-April 23, 2010 The Clock Runs Out on America Jeanette Rau MP3
17-April 24, 2010 Why So Many Denominations Jeff Otts MP3
18-April 24, 2010 Don't Be Fooled Lisa Hughes MP3
19-April 24, 2010 The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin Renee Otts MP3
20-April 30, 2010 Survivors of the Longest War Paul Rau MP3
21-April 30, 2010 Is Heaven Real Jeanette Rau MP3




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