This page is dedicated to the ASI Meeting and Convention that was held in the Louisville area in August 2007

ASI Convention - August 1 thru 4, 2007

If you have missed the Evangelism 101 Training,
they are in MP3 format and are placed in a ZIP file and
can be downloaded by leaving a message.
Please leave your name and an email address
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There was a 5k race and health expo on July 8, 2007.
For more information please click on the race
and expo website link below.

Our first meeting was held on Friday July 6 at 7:00 pm
A picture taken during the first night's meeting.
Topic Number - Date
1-July 6, 2007 The Dream is Certain Jon Tillay


2-July 7, 2007 Signs You Can't Ignore Jon Tillay MP3
3-July 8, 2007 Why So Much Suffering Olivia Webber MP3
4-July 10, 2007 How to Find Personal Peace Olivia Webber MP3
5-July 11, 2007 The Most Amazing Prophecies Jon Tillay MP3
6-July 12, 2007 The Lie that is Destroying America Olivia Webber MP3
7-July 13, 2007 The Greatest Religious Cover-Up in History Jon Tillay MP3
8-July 14, 2007 Revelation's Greatest Last Day Deception Olivia Webber MP3
9-July 15, 2007 The Bible's Longest and Most Amazing Prophecy Olivia Webber MP3
10-July 17, 2007 Revelation Reveals the Rapture Jon Tillay MP3
11-July 18, 2007 The Seven Last Plagues and Armageddon Olivia Webber MP3
12-July 19, 2007 Revelation Reveals Deadly Delusions Jon Tillay MP3
13-July 20, 2007 Satan's 1000 Year Vacation Olivia Webber MP3
14-July 21, 2007 Fitness for the Crisis Jon Tillay MP3
15-July 21, 2007 Power to Start Over Jon Tillay MP3
16-July 22, 2007 Hellfire: A Twisted Truth Untangled Olivia Webber MP3
17-July 24, 2007 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Jon Tillay MP3
18-July 25, 2007 Babylon Olivia Webber MP3
19-July 26, 2007 The Mark of the Beast Jon Tillay MP3
20-July 27, 2007 Revelation Reveals a Worldwide Spiritual Revolution Jon Tillay MP3
21-July 28, 2007 The United States in Bible Prophesy Olivia Webber MP3
22-July 28, 2007 Revelation's End Time Movement Olivia Webber MP3
23-July 29, 2007 Revelation's World of Tomorrow Jon Tillay MP3

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